DREAMCATCHERHEADER“I wonder, where do our dreams go? Why do some of them come true and some not? Some people believe that our dreams are our secret desires and some others that they are just air… and disappear. I don’t really know much about dreams and where they all go; what I DO know is where kids’ dreams go!“

“Dreamcatcher” is a show that deals with the meaning of hope. Hope for the better to come. The non-negotiable right to dream, the reaction when threatened.

“MERLIN PUPPET THEATRE” invites you to discover it within their puppet world, inventive constructions and atmospheric lighting. Sensitivity, humor and action, audience interaction in a unique puppet performance where all the DREAMS… come true!!!

  • Ages: 5+
  • Language: Greek, English
  • Duration: 50′
  • Conception: Merlin Puppet Theater
  • Set Design / Special Constructions: Merlin Puppet Theater
  • Puppet Construction: Dimitris Stamou
  • Costumes: Demy Papada
  • Μanipulation: Demy Papada, Dimitris Stamou

a Merlin Puppet Theater Production 2008