Merlin Puppet Theater was founded in  Athens, Greece in 1995. Dimitris Stamou and Demy Papada started of creating masks and puppets for the theatre. In 2001 they started performing with their own performances. Since then they have created  stories for adult and young audience, and they’ve run hundreds of performances at theatres and international festivals in more than 42 countries around world , including workshops on puppet creation and play.

In 2011 the group moved in Berlin, Germany.

Their work received couple of international theater awards.

They’ve participated in festivals, exhibitions, conferences and educational seminars for theater and the art of puppetry.

They’ve created  puppets and props for other performers and  artists such as The Tiger Lillies, Dirty Granny Tales and Opera Chaotique.

They are members of the Greek Puppet Centre UNIMA HELLAS.

Merlin Puppet Theatre lives and works in  Berlin.


Under A Groove

Creative Motion & Music Productions

Achillefs Charmpilas

A composer and multi-instrumentalist living and working in Berlin.

Dimitris Poupalos

He has been nominated for the hasselblad masters award of photography. His images tell stories, stories that are worth seeing and be understood without words. The almost cinematic use of various layers of light is the main feature of his work.

WD  (Wild Drawing)

Was born in Bali, Indonesia, and studied Fine Arts. He started off as street artist in 2000. He lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Unima Hellas

The greek center of  puppetry art.