The Visual Puppetry

The basic lines for the creation of a visual puppet theater performance. From the first idea and storyboard , the constraction and scenography till the lighs and the stage according to the way that  Merlin Puppet Theater creates its works.

The Cinematic Shadow Theater

Aimed at children and adults. The use of light and objects, the cinematic narrative for the creation of a contemporary shadow theater performance


(Online version available)

How to give waste a second life, why not join in and transform your discarded products, recycling and useless junk into puppets from scratch, using easily found everyday materials and household items?

Thats the way we do it (Master Class)

Intensive workshop where participants involved in every level of a visual puppet performance. The technical, the aesthetic and the artistic approach of the Merlin Puppet Theater. The goal is to create the main lines of their own show.

4 participants / 2 weeks /  112 hours

The place and location of the workshop will be  announced twice a year.

The selection of participants is made after submitting an application.

Please contact us for more infos and details about the workshops.