Clowns Houses



“…What follows may not have the power of royal drama, but the the madness of a Learian frenzy. Especially through the contrast between the static facial expression of the puppets and the turbulent soundssphere the Merlin Puppet Theatre sparks its light.”

Reinhard Kalb / Nord Bayern Newspaper (Germany)

The Play

One building, five apartments and six main characters.  Comical-tragical personalities, leading a miserable life which they aren’t afraid to lose but they are afraid to live.

The spectator is watching them live their conventional lives in a dark, claustrophobic setting, with their fears, obsessions and loneliness. ‘Merlin’ are dramatising and demonising their obsessions until they finally punish and liberate them with the most violent manner.

Merlin’ doesn’t attempt to do existential analysis through their work. They are dramatising the modern way of living in its current form. Through the dark rooms of ‘Clown’s Houses’ the loneliness of the modern man is displayed; prison-like houses, people trapped into their routines and habits, distant from their dreams.“CLOWNS’ HOUSES” trailer on Vimeo.

The performance

In “Clown’s houses” you will find a combination of different puppetry techniques such as marionettes, top table puppets, object and shadow theatre. The puppets are made of wood, pulp and paper, amounting to about 45 cm.

The two puppeteers animate puppets and objects, without being obvious to the public while the realism of the motion, the scenic world  and different lighting conditions complement the dark sensation of the play.

  • Concept: Merlin Puppet Theatre
  • Manipulation: Demy Papada, Dimitris Stamou
  • Set Design / Special Constructions: Dimitri Stamou
  • Puppet Construction: Dimitris Stamou
  • Costumes: Demy Papada
  • Music: Achilles Charmpilas
  • Narration: Chris Androvitsaneas
  • Photographs: Dimitris Poupalos
  • Acknowledgments: Dimitris Poupalos, Evina Vasilopoulou, Faye Stamou, Natasa Crisovitsanou, Natasa Tapaki, Matoula Chrysou, Olga Dourachani
  • Technique: Table-top puppets, objects and shadows
  • For audiences over: +15
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Language: No Text

a Merlin Puppet Theater Production 2010