The Tiger Lillies

The Tiger Lillies “Freakshow”

Where is the freak in us? How big or how small one has to be To understand this world and be part of it? Are six arms enough to comfort someone? How many hearts must a women have to live her destiny? Is our hand big enough to hold vereything we want?

How many red noses do we have to put on to be fanny? Or may be the red nose has to be as big as a circus tent? A freak amazes us,because he doesn´t fit in the norm. Because he is a giant or has three legs. From time to time we see something fascinating without fully understanding it. We have to scratch under the surface. In our show all kind of freaks come together, like the „Dreamer“, the „Avarice Man“, „Amanda“ the woman with the world´s longest hair, the siam twins and many others. „The Tiger Lillies Freakshow“ is like a sharp knife either opening a package full of sweets and nice things for you or stabbing a pink ballon in front of your eyes. Both of these possible scenarios are accompanied by the music of the Tiger Lillies.


The Tiger Lillies:

  • Martyn Jacques: voice, accordion, uke, piano .
  • Adrian Stout: double bass, singing saw, theremin. 
  • Adrian Huge: drums, percussion, toys
  • Physical Performers:
  • Irene Hofer, Rolando Hofer, Kiki Nikolaidou

Lena Ries : contortion – Ele Janke : aerials  – Juia Janke : aerials Lorenzo Mastropietro: Hut Juggling

The Creators:

  • Idea & Direction: Sebastiano Toma
  • Music / Lyrics: Martyn Jacques – THE TIGER LILLIES
  • Choreography : Sophia Spyratou – Costume Design: Claire Bracewel
  • Set Design & Casting: Sebastiano Toma
  • Puppet & Mask Design: MERLIN PUPPET THEATRE (Dimitris Stamou, Demi Papada)
  • Assisten to Director and peruke for Amanda: Kati Heiman
  • Light Design : Sakis Birbilis
  • Produced by: Badminton Theatre & ADaM Productions 
  •  Producer: Michail Adam
  • Executive Producer: Hara Hristopoulou